Elite Surf Coaching

Do you think you have reached your maximum surfing level?

You are wrong! The problem is that you can’t see your mistakes, so you don’t know how to evolve. I can give you a hand, I will help you to improve and enjoy even more the waves. A new surfboard can improve your surfing by 10%. Video correction warranties an improvement by 40%!!

Your level of surfing is not an issue, whether you are intermediate, advance, or competition, you will learn thanks to the video correction and the direct communication via walkie-talkie in each wave. Improve the quality of your manoeuvres, the selection of waves and the style.

If you are seeking to speed up the learning curve, with training, coaching, and corrections you will save up months of tries by:

  • Video correction allows the student visualise and understand the correct technique, focusing on their weaknesses

  • Visualising slow motion movements

  • Repetition of movements on the beach and in the water

  • Live communication via walkie-talkie (coach to student, vice versa) in each wave

  • Group or individual analysis

  • Personal and reachable objectives for each student

With an extensive experience of more than 10 years in the coaching world and more than 20 years in competition, you will have the chance to learn from the most basic to the most advanced of surfing. Surfing technique is not the solemn objective of my lessons, I also help with the psychology (block outs, demotivation, mistrust, fears, nerves, etc.).

If you are interested in the competition, I offer lessons oriented and including theory, tactic, competition psychology, etc. These classes can be even orienting parents in the competition theory (for more information, please contact me).

A class includes:

  • Selection of convenient beach where to surf, depending on weather conditions and group size

  • Visualisation and understanding of the break (peaks, currents, rips, waves, positioning, etc.)

  • Identification of personal objectives to work in the session

  • Video recording of the waves surfed by each student, for the correction

  • Direct communication through walkie-talkie in order to correct and enhance objectives

  • Finalisation of session, chat about the session and feelings

  • Analyse video, errors, corrections and further objectives to work in

Surfing is not my only focus, I also inculcate the love and respect for the ocean and our coasts by raising awareness, and the respect for the other surfers and users of the beach.

Please contact us for further information!

Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
About me
Ivan Villalba surf

" I took several years working as a surf instructor and helping people improve their technique "

Iván Villalba

Surfing since:


Competing since:


Coaching since:


Surf Coach Courses:

  • · Sports technician in Surf, level 1
  • · ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor
  • · ISA Level 2 Surf Coach

Surf Trips:

Canary Islands, France, Morocco, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii

I was 15 years old when I began surfing in January 1991, with the surfboard of a school mate. I was quickly hooked and with the savings of my first job, I bought my first wetsuit and surfboard. I was that hooked that hooked that I could be 5 to 8 hours in the water, every day. With consistency and determination, after one year surfing, I had my first sponsor, Natural Paradise, a surf shop in Gijon, Spain.

My first competition was in 1993, four years later I was competing in the European Surf Circuit.

In 2004, after several years competing and travelling around the wold, I started to work for Billabong as a sales rep, as well as a surf instructor and manager of the Rodiles surf camp of the Special Surf School in Spain for a period of 10 years. I also offered my coaching services to other surf schools in the Canary’s and Spain.

Currently I am working in the following projects:

  • Elite Surf Coaching, with my extensive experience of more than 20 years in the surfing world, I am starting this new project, with the objective of sharing my skills and values so that you can enjoy to the fullest, the amazing world of surfing.

  1. 1991 I was 15 years old when I began surfing
  2. 1993 First competition.
  3. 1995 Competitions in the European Surf Circuit.
  4. 2004 Start giving surf lessons.
Experience waves in the world
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf
Ivan Villalba surf

The photos were provided by: Juan Fernandez, Jose Haya, Alex Postigo


" After many years working with Ivan, I can say that he is an instructor/coach that loves his job. His knowledge in the surfing world is unquestionable. He gives 200% of himself to his students, they are always his priority.

I would highlight his continuous smile and his cheerful happy character, making of any training session a fun session.

As a negative note, I can only mention that it is sad that his new projects won’t allow him to be fully involved with the Special Surf School, but we hope to keep on sharing our surfing knowledge and organise conjunctly Surfing Performance Technique Days and events. "

Dani García (Several times champion of Cantabria, Spain and Europe. Director of surf school Special Surf School)


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